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The RMN is a team with sufficient experiences in the field of audiovisual productions led by 6 long years of execution. The team is professional who genuinely add value and insight based on specialist understanding, creative thinking and sheer talent. The RMN is fully equipped with hi-quality facility (technical studio and acoustic studio) with necessary tools, equipment and software with qualified and experience human resources.


  • Capacity building trainings for the media personnel.
  • Training and skill development programmes for the target community as per the need.
  • Seminars, workshops and interaction with the concerned stakeholders.
  • Formation of Radio Listeners’ Clubs.
  • Organization of trainings, advocacy workshops, interaction programmes on journalism.

Functional Capacity

  • Documentaries on various social issues.
  • Making AD for Print, Radio & Television.
  • Production of Short Videos.
  • Graphic Designing.
  • Media Planning.
  • Event Management.
  • Market Media Research
  • Television and Radio Programmes.
  • Scripting for the Television and Radio Advertisements.
  • IEC materials (Books, Journals, Posters, Brochures)



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Radio Programme


Video PSAs


50+ Television Programme
150+ Audio PSAs/Radio Jingles
10+ Designing of IEC/BCC Materials
50+ Animated Videos
20+ Municipality Profiles
40+ Web Commercials

About RMN

RMN is one of the leading media consulting firm.

Rising Media Network Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (RMN) is one of the leading media and communications consulting firm established in December 28, 2014 under Nepal Governments’ Company Act 2006 and registered in Office of the Company Registrar. Rising Media Network Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (RMN) aims to function as an agency for awareness and advocacy in the...

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RMN is also a PR agency which provides dissemination service of the communication materials.

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The Rising Media plays an important role to produce research (evidence) and investigation based audiovisual...

Video Profile

Video Profile For information about organization, company and project this company video profiles. These profiles...

TV Programme

TV programmes are regarded as one of the most popular communication mediums to provide the...

Radio Program

Community radios enrich the access to the information even in rural areas. The radio is...


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