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RMN is one of the leading media consulting firm.

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50+ Television Programme
150+ Audio PSAs/Radio Jingles
10+ Designing of IEC/BCC Materials
50+ Animated Videos
20+ Municipality Profiles
40+ Web Commercials

About the Agency

Rising Media Network Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (RMN) is one of the leading media and communications consulting firm established in December 28, 2014 under Nepal Governments’ Company Act 2006 and registered in Office of the Company Registrar.
Rising Media Network Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (RMN) aims to function as an agency for awareness and advocacy in the field of democracy, environment, disaster risk management and livelihood promotion in Nepal through different forms of media. RMN has a group of enthusiastic professionals from different sectors having around a decade long experiences.
RMN has established a national reputation for delivering the best service that works around the clock with precision and punctuality, maximizing resources to support efficiency of the available budget. RMN is a dynamic audiovisual production house which offers services in pre-production, production and post-production for animation, short and feature length documentaries and fiction films. It provides professional services to produce TV/Radio Documentaries, Feature Films, Radio Jingles, Advertisements and IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials for the communities.
RMN have been rendering all the production services to the government (from local level units to the central government structure) as well as non-government agencies (national and international).

About Us
About Us
About Us


Rising Media is a media consultancy company providing customized services to various clients like national and international non-governmental organizations, government agencies and even to the corporate sector organizations to empower the deprived and disadvantaged communities bypassed so far due to lack of information and communication. The specific objectives of Rising Media are listed below: To establish and operate the corresponding communication medium through print, audio visual and online media by obtaining permission and recognitions as per the prevailing laws. To advocate for the transparency in Journalism and for the laws that favors the human rights. To conduct trainings, workshops, seminars, and interaction programmes related with Journalism. To produce and broadcast radio and television programmes, documentaries, short movies and videos. To facilitate in the establishment and legal procedure of FM and TV stations for the broadcast of programmes that could provide entertainment and awareness to promote quality life of the community. Production and Broadcast Advertisements in various forms of Media. To organize different interaction programmes on the issues that could foster the sectors like Environment, Art and Culture, Traditions, Gender Issues, Social Inclusiveness, Health, Human Rights, Youths and Children and Risk Management. To organize programmes and discourses on contemporary social, economic and political issues at national and international levels. To design and Print IEC materials and publications. To foster on Conduction of Media Market Research. To import and export materials and technology related to media by following the prevailing laws determined by the state To exchange technological know-how and manpower by establishing friendly relations with various international media houses and organizations. To carry out research and investigations keeping in mind the manpower’s technical knowledge and skill development required in media sector

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